Musculoskeletal therapist

Having worked in a different profession for many years, Robert decided he wanted to use his transferable skills in a health and fitness profession. He gained a diploma in soft tissue manipulation and joint mobilisation, adding further qualifications to this, in advanced spinal manipulation and neuromuscular techniques. 

Robert is currently halfway through his five-year honours’ degree in Osteopathy, with the Collage of osteopaths, where his clinicians have recognised his ‘’excellent patient care, anatomical knowledge and professionalism.’’

In the clinic, Robert diagnoses and treats patients with the therapeutic goal of restoring well-being and relieving pain as quickly as possible. He does this by recognising how changes in the structure and function of the body can lead to structural and mechanical modifications. That can have a significant impact throughout the body, generating dysfunction, postural adaptations and discomfort.

He uses a range of gentle hands on osteopathic treatment techniques that focus on releasing the tension, improving muscle imbalance, mobilising joints and relieving pain. Treatment is tailored to the individual needs of the patient so, varies depending on your age, fitness levels and diagnosis. These are often used together with helpful advice designed to keep you active and maintain optimal health.